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An amazing and touching book - I could relate to all the Aboriginal beliefs. I felt like I had met him and his kids at the end of the book. It brought me to tears, really. Now Banjo lives more than ever through this publication even after his death. Nadema Agard, New York City, Native America artist/writer and author of Southeastern Native Arts Directory
Wisdom Man Preview
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This is a preview of an upcoming video about Banjo Clarke, an amazing Aboriginal Elder.

He told the story of Aboriginal traditions like caring for the land, taking only what you need, sharing with others and a deep, psychic connection to one's Elders.

Once published, the story became an Australian best-seller entitled, "Wisdom Man Banjo Clarke as told to Camilla Chance". The book is now in its second edition from Penguin.

Banjo lived from 1922-2000 and his funeral was the largest of any ever held in Warrnambool and district, Australia.